Lawn Care Team



Yes!! You can help stamp out weeds at CCUMC! Lawn teams are forming and we need your help. If you can volunteer only one Saturday morning, every 8 weeks, (that’s only six times per year), please give me a call. Nobody I know of can guarantee to be available every assigned Saturday, but with enough volunteers, it can be easily covered, or you can put in your time some other day of that week. Please consider helping this ministry at CCUMC. Volunteer teams save CCUMC $2,000 to $3000 per year in landscaping maintenance costs, which can be better spent in our other ministries that make disciples for Christ. It also helps our Church grow by presenting the visual statement to the public that our Church takes care of the facilities that God has given us for His glory.

Call for Volunteers! 

In the past, the lawn and grounds of CCUMC have been kept up by teams of volunteers. Unfortunately, some of our most faithful volunteers and coordinators in this ministry have moved in the past year, so we are in currently in the position of not having a core group of volunteers who are willing to help out with the church grounds upkeep on a regularly scheduled basis. We have all the necessary equipment at the church but just need people willing to help out in this important ministry. I know we all want our church to look well kept and well maintained.

We would like to avoid having to pay for professional lawn care if possible, as that is a considerable expense. Please let me know if you are willing to be a volunteer in the lawn and grounds ministry of our church. Hopefully, we can put together teams of volunteers that can help us make our church look as wonderful on the outside as we all know it is on the inside.....thank you in advance for helping out in this ministry.

If you are one of our members who wonders how you can help our Church make a difference in our community, PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL!

Yours in Christ,
Jim Cole

PHONE: 512-303-1393
Cedar Creek UMC
P. O. Box 33
5630 FM 535
Cedar Creek, TX 78612