Rethink Church 101

What if....?

Rethink Church -- what if Church was a verb?

What if Church weren't just a place we go, but something we do?

What if Church didn't wait to be asked if it could help...would you come?

What if Church wasn't just a place we go on Sunday, but helped you to have a place to go on Monday?

What if Church did more than pray for the best?

Powered by the Holy Spirit, "Rethink Church" serves as a catalyst that moves the denomination, and those we hope to reach, into dialogue -- and ultimately into transformative, collaborative action.  What if church were a verb?  What would it look like? 

Cedar Creek UMC wants to impact lives, help people know Christ and engage them through Christian discipleship.



What if....?   Imagine No Malaria -- CCUMC has embraced the challenge!  Will you?

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